Sunday, October 23, 2005


Looking back over my week...
I went to yesterday's Yoga "levels I and II" class at the YWCA, and met Alison, whom Emily recommended as a fabulous teacher. She is a warm person, very positive, very knowledgeable, and a teacher who is relatively easy to follow (considering that I have very little idea of what I am doing, still.) I was especially impressed by how she takes her time to get to know new people -- she came over to me before starting the class and welcomed me and asked my name. She is also very aware of the class as a small community: she cares about each member and took the time to have everybody share their name and a little about themselves before starting our practice. (I gather she doesn't do this every time, but just occasionally.) She also took a minute or two to talk about what it means, the "practice" of yoga. The students in the Saturday morning class have been together, most of them, for quite awhile; yesterday there was only one other real beginner besides me. They asked Alison how her baby was doing, and she said fine, and related the detail that now, at six weeks, he is starting to smile a lot, and she is really enjoying that. (So there's an update for you, Em, on what Alison's been up to lately!) I reluctantly left the class a few minutes early to get home for an appointment with a student. I probably won't be able to get back to this class for about 6 weeks because of things going on for the next five Saturdays, but I hope eventually I will get to be more of a regular attendee. In the meantime I have checked out a yoga dvd from the library to try to get in more practice. Also I checked out a Pilates dvd. Will let you know in a future post what they are, if they are any good. Maybe if I get regular with this stuff, I won't be so sore afterwards!

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