Sunday, October 30, 2005

Context -- please read this before reading backwards

Somehow I think I've gotten over a hump of some sort. I went back this morning and edited and posted some old posts, one of which I never posted or posted only briefly, and now I have split up and reposted ("Crabby Old Earthmama" and "Revisiting parenting...") and the other was posted but was way too long, so I split it up and reposted the pieces ("Yoga", "Anne Bradstreet..." and "Babysitting news...", which is still probably too long.) "Crabby Old Earthmama", in the September archives, details some of my feelings about posting my opinions, especially w.r.t. "Revisiting Parenting".

Maybe I'm getting over my fear of writing-for-other-people-to-read. [Hmmm... is that a good thing or a bad thing? And does anybody besides Emily read this stuff anyway?] In any case, I have to stop writing now and go work on other things.

Blessings to all!!


Zifnab said...

Here's a comment for you. :)
I don't think there's anything wrong with long posts. Some people (like L and I) will always read the whole thing either because we're interested or we just read everything possible, some might wander off. But regardless, nothing wrong with length. If you feel people who stop by absolutely have to read some section, by all means split it off if you like.

Regarding "Crabby Old Earthmama" and some fears you seem to be expressing in that post:
Since it can be very difficult to read emotion in text without other clues, and very difficult to tell if personal details are omitted or just not relevant for similar reasons, blog readers tend to not take things personally. Speaking for myself, i'd almost never take any blog comment personally unless it had a "This means you, Joseph" written in bold next to it. I feel comfortable saying that most blogs I read for what's expressed as the author's opinions, and I have no problems with others having a differing opinion from mine.

See the following blogs for examples of well-behaved blog communities:
Arcane Gazebo - Travis's blog, has a small community of friends who read it, including his parent(s).
Making Light - Teresa and Patrick Neilsen Hayden, I believe both are book editors for a major publishing company. The blog is very opinionated and posts usually fall into three categories - political, publishing/books, humorous/other. They have a large number of readers and commenting is always encouraged.

Yeah, I know neither of those fit into the parent-blogging category, but they're the best examples I know of interesting blogs.

Anyways... keep on posting, and don't worry about your writing so much. :) You have interesting opinions and experiences, and I always enjoy reading your writing about them.


Lidarose said...

Thanks for all your comments!! Your feedback means a lot to me :-)

I have been reading Travis's blog off and on for awhile, and I have learned a lot from reading his posts as well as the comments that people offer. I suppose reading blogs like his was a big part of my inspiration for writing my own.
I'm going to try to keep on writing, as I think that is the only way to get better at it and to get over my fear of writing.