Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Today's been interesting, sometimes frustrating, and only moderately productive. But I wanted to relate one thing in particular that was a victory for me: I finally went to my first yoga class! This may not seem remarkable to most people but several people very close to me who have been trying to convince me for years to try yoga will be glad to know that the seeds they planted have finally taken root. Thanks to all for your encouragement! What finally convinced me to go was rather simple: desperation. I have been cooped up inside for several days due to work, lack of transportation (my car was in the shop for 50 hours or so), incessant but badly needed rain, and lack of motivation, and about 5:30 I caught myself headed to the sofa for another evening of reading and napping. "Enough of this!" I said, and headed off to the YWCA, where the only class tonight was YOGA. The rest is history. I still love Pilates, though. I hope to do more of both.... By the way, I enjoyed the class, but I had to do easier poses at many points in the class. The instructor was very helpful in this regard, and also commented on my good position several times. Must be the Pilates training.
p.s. My favorite pose is The Corpse :-)


AnaliaRose said...

I found your blog finally Mom!

I'm so glad to year you went to a yoga class, whatever the reason! I went to my first class in many many months tonight and realized how much I'd been missing it. I think it may have even helped my back some just by warming up those muscles. My instructor was very helpful as well and didn't mind that I too did all the easy versions of everything if any at all just cause I don't want to hurt myself. Just curious, but was it Alison teaching? She was always my favorite.

I enjoyed talking to you today. I'll call you tomorrow to update you on the chiropractor/acupuncture thing...

Love you!

lidarose said...

I don't remember her name but I don't think it was Alison. She was relatively short, trim but not thin, long wavy dark brown hair and darkish skin - kind of mediterranean looking and not young or old. She also didn't have a southern accent -- sounded more New Yorkish.
I hope the chiro/acupuncture works!!