Sunday, March 31, 2013

A response to great loss

I have been continuing my part-time work for WomenArts... Currently my work involves systematically researching broken links on the website and fixing them.  Sometimes -- actually very much of the time -- this research exposes me to new ideas and/or women artists that I have not known about, or knew about but hadn't investigated before.  One of these is Isabel Allende.  In my searches today I uncovered this short video and it resonated with me, so I want to share it with my readers.  (It somehow seems appropriate for Easter also -- a day when we celebrate the ultimate act of giving, and its joyful outcome.)


Thursday, March 07, 2013

Support Women Artists Now!

It's March, which means that SWAN Days are here!  I've been working with WomenArts for the past six months or so, and the SWAN Day project is one of the many things that WomenArts has done/is doing.  Check out the link below for a good example of a SWAN Day event -- this is just one of the 77 SWAN Day events/locations taking place this month!

SWAN Days in Jamestown, NY