Saturday, June 09, 2007

further searching for humor...

...turned up the following:

Factorials were someone's attempt to make math *look* exciting.
(I can add this to my post a few days ago on math humor)

And click the title above for a link to, finally, a moving story!

moving is sometimes funny but mostly just a lot of work

Major accomplishments today so far:
Called moving company and scheduled the move
Packed nine boxes so far with lots of help from Marsha
Threw out a bunch of papers
Discarded about a dozen AMC complete results booklets
Called Dzidra to make sure she is still taking students (she is)
Listened to Car Talk (that counts as "learning about cars")
Attempted but gave up on a sudoku puzzle (giving up was the accomplishment)
Read some funny jokes* (click on link above)
...and it's only 1:21 p.m.!

*I was looking for jokes about moving but couldn't find any.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

funny math lists

To prepare for the last meeting of this year's Algebra 2 class, I printed out a few lists from this site for my students. The ones I printed -- my favorites, at least of the ones I had time to read -- are Top 10 Math Homework Excuses; e and Pi -- Top ten lists; Murphy's Law and Mathematics; and Ten Commandments of Mathematics (this last one I'd seen before but I figured they hadn't.) I also shared some xkcd humor with them -- this one in particular since we'd been studying functions all year and doing lots of graphing... The handout was very well-received and ended the year on an upbeat note. I loved teaching this class. They were a really great group, well-matched in ability and hard-workers. I'm going to miss them!

End-of-school-year blitz almost over...

I've missed writing, but it's been a little crazy in my life between preparing to move (the closing is this week)and having a lot of students on my schedule (which is in an even worse state of flux than usual because of exams) and having company this weekend (though that doesn't excuse the previous almost three weeks of silence...)

I did get on the web a bit this morning to read postings to a new blog and browse a bit... also uncovered this interesting article, but now I have to go work on the list I made for myself at about 2 a.m. before the day gets away from me. As I said, the closing is this week but I will not be moving until near the end of the month because of other plans