Saturday, October 29, 2005

listening to Arlo

I'm just here, chipping away at the chaos in my office, thinking about you-all and listening to my new Arlo cd, Live in Sydney... I think that had to have been a hard concert for Arlo to play, as the audience seems to be just sitting there quietly listening to Arlo's stories, with none of the usual catcalls and other audience wildness that happens here in the 'States. He even tries to get them riled up a few times, with mixed results. Well, anyway, it's a good cd from the standpoint of the music and the stories. Maybe the audience will get more crazy on the other cd (it's a 2-cd set.) I've been trying to get time to sit and listen to this for days, ever since it came in the mail (thanks, Liz!) Office cleaning gives me the perfect opportunity. Speaking of which, it's slow-going... So far there is a little space in the closet that wasn't there before, and about 8 inches on a bookshelf has opened up. I was going to get rid of a whole pile of math books but haven't been able to let myself part with as many as I had hoped. Does anyone want the math puzzle books I'm giving away? I'm keeping the Martin Gardner books and a couple others (unless one of you would like to have them), but there are a number of others that are in the giveaway bag. Maybe I'll post a list of the discards before I get rid of them. There are other books to go besides these, including maybe some cookbooks and a bunch of "Key to" workbooks -- hmmm, maybe I ought to take those to John and Brenda.... Does anyone want my three-volume set of American Religions?
Gotta run, I've got a sitting job tonight. Been doing a lot of that lately. I'll be back on the office cleaning tomorrow afternoon. Must make space for Dan -- he'll be here in five days!!

Don't forget to turn your clocks back tonight, and get an extra hour of sleep (or whatever...)


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AnaliaRose said...

Mom. Just thought I'd remind you Im a religion major. And I love books. Even ones I don't have time to read ;-)

If you haven't given those American Religion books away yet, just save them for me and I'll bring them back here after Christmas. In fact, you could even wrap them up for me and I'd be really happy :-) I love books. Any books.

Love you!