Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Just gotta make this quick -- I've got packages to mail, copies to make, and the ever-present piles of STUFF to chip away at. Oh, and I think I'm ready to make a trip to the recycling place -- the car is full up. Meanwhile...phone rings... I'll finish this later...

...well, I didn't get to the recycling center, but I am sort of ready to teach my class *today*. Meanwhile I can't seem to get to sleep...

I had hoped to put something interesting up on my blog, but haven't had any ideas about that. So at least I can alert my readers to an nifty gadget to enhance the capabilities of a digital camera, allowing it to do time-lapse photography. (I've always been fascinated with time-lapse photgraphy.) The gadget is described here, in the August 22 post. The author includes a little demo. Check it out!

oooh, here's another little link*, this time to humor... hmmm, does this mean the blocks I have been saving for grandchildren will be obsolete?

*make sure you link to the 8/22/06 comic

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