Sunday, January 08, 2006

more about Veggie Revolution

Just an update about my friend Sally's book, Veggie Revolution... There was a great write-up in the Observer on Christmas Day about the book (click here for the link) and I wrote a proper review of the book on (click here and scroll way down.)
Or you can just click on the title of this post and go to Sally's blog; she has links to all the above and much more.

p.s. Still working on those Christmas cards. My tree is still up (and much more decorated!) and yesterday on Prairie Home Companion G. K. said that in Sweden they celebrate Christmas season until January 13...I'll go along with that! :-)
For you skeptics out there -- here's a quote from a book review of Swedish Christmas: "....the Swedish Christmas season, beginning with the First of Advent in early December and continuing through to Hilarymas on January 13th, when the festivities conclude with a bitter-sweet farewell dance around the Christmas tree...."
These are my kind of people!!!

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