Thursday, December 29, 2005

Random thoughts and news

The Christmas break is zooming by... I wish it would last a few more weeks!! On the other hand, work has been more sparse than I expected, so I guess it is about the right length. :-)

I need to start back with my Pilates routines... I picked up a new book Tuesday, Pilates for Every Body by Denise Austin, that has several routines in it which I can vary according to my mood. It boasts "...[A] Complete 3-Week Body Makeover". I'm ready!! My body's ready!!!

John, Brenda, Meredith, Daniel, Caleb, and Timothy were here yesterday, first time they have visited in quite awhile. We had a good time, though too short. They left during a thunderstorm. (A thunderstorm in January?!) I totally forgot to take any photos -- oops! Hopefully there will be another opportunity before too long.

Veggie Revolution update: There was a great article in the Observer about the book on Sunday. (Click here to read it.) Also, Sally and Sarah Kate have a bunch of signings lined up, the first of which was last night, at Joseph-Beth Booksellers. (I wonder how it went?) The complete list can also be found at the link above.

I've got to get my Christmas cards done... but at least this year I made a big dent in the list before Christmas. I got a response already from one -- Father John called Tuesday night! It was such a kick to talk with him after all these years! He is doing fine, and he said he would love to have visitors. (I'm beginning to think I ought to drive out to CA this summer, instead of flying...)

A random thought from yesterday: I wish movie-rental stores would categorize and display their movies using the same categories as bookstores. In particular, I wish they'd put biographies in their own category. (I was thinking about a movie about T.S. Eliot that I would like to see, but I don't remember the name of would be easy to find if they just had the biographies together!! Come to think of it, the library probably has it...for free!)

Anybody else have random thoughts, news, etc., they'd like to share?

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