Monday, November 07, 2005

Math Power

Another quick note, in the "Breaking News" category: Patricia Clark Kenschaft's book, Math Power, has just been published in a revised edition. This is a very important book for me -- it says so much of what I believe about children/math/learning, and I wish every parent and teacher would read it!! Pat Kenschaft is a great writer with wide interests including a passion for math and for the environment, among other things. I met her serendipitously at the MAA/AMS Meeting in January 2005 after being a fan of hers for a number of years. She is a very warm and energetic individual with broad interests and a wealth of knowledge on so many topics. At the time I met her she was beginning to get a little discouraged about getting Math Power republished, but her efforts have finally come to fruition. I was delighted to be able to encourage her in these efforts, and to be of some small help in making the new edition for useful for homeschooling parents.
Please check out the book on -- there is a long excerpt from the introduction to the new edition. (And you might see the name of someone you know in there!) Request that your local library order the book, buy it for any parents of young children that you know, and/or do what you can to get the word out on this terrific resource.
Incidentally, Ms. Kenschaft has just finished with another book (on women and minorities in mathematics), and is working on yet another book project about math as well. I'll keep you posted on those...

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