Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Morning thoughts...

This morning's observations:
  • There is so much that medicine and science still don't know.  I read an article about gluten sensitivity this morning in which one of the researchers stated, w.r.t. the how to reasonably identify it, "We have absolutely no clue at this point." The researchers/doctors/scientists don't really understand why this affects some people and others not at all, but they have recently classified this as an actual medical condition, separate from celiac disease. 
  • Vectors are very interesting...  I had the opportunity to work with a student who is taking precalculus yesterday and we worked on vector problems the whole time. I would love to learn more physics.
  • I love books, and libraries.  We have one where I work and I get to work with it some.  I would like to read about half the books in it. I sometimes wish I had become a librarian...
  • It is important, if you have an earworm, that it be one that you appreciate.  I like mine this morning.  Most of the time I do, actually.
  • Math is everywhere.  I already knew this, but was reminded of it again when Frances brought some Broccoli Romanesco (see photo below) home from the market a few weeks ago and then again last weekend.  (It is also delicious!)
  • It is hard to think of something to post about every single morning.  But I'm going to keep on for as long as I can! I just need to start a little earlier in the morning... 

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