Sunday, January 07, 2007

long time gone

Hey, it's been too long since I last wrote here... A lot has happened: the holidays w/ lots of wonderful visits with family and friends, a trip across country with more visiting and roller coaster rides, an old year ended and a New Year started, and a week of re-entry punctuated with various episodes of illness...(I'm much better now.)
In addition to savoring many happy memories of the holidays (and of course I'm still enjoying my Christmas tree, candles, etc.), I'm currently...
a. wishing I was in New Orleans at the Joint Math Meetings (MAA & AMS)
b. trying to get on top of prep work (for classes and students) I ought to have done last week
c. napping whenever I can find time (especially easy now that Em taught me about "virtual napping")
d. enjoying a new headset for my cell phone provided free of charge from Verizon (yay!) (they may not be able to tell dollars from cents but they do keep on supplying me with free headsets)
e. rearranging my schedule (similar to nailing jello to a wall) since most of my CMS (i.e., public school) students will be finished with their math courses in a few weeks (translate: a week of exams is coming up!) and I might (or might not) get a few new ones. (I was going to put up a link about the crazy 4x4 schedule, but curiously the CMS website doesn't seem to have any information about it. I scoured this resource for more info but no luck.) A few new students from other venues have already found their way onto my schedule; I probably ought to put a stop to this before things get crazy again!
f. working lots of Mathcounts problems; the Chapter Competition will be on February 3. The team looks good so far!
g. listening to lots of good music (including beautiful Joshua Bell violin music from Joseph & Lorian) on my new stereo, both Christmas gifts of which I am very appreciative.
h. planning more trips... so far Baltimore and Evanston are on the schedule.
i. watching season one of Numbers, thanks to a loan from Jonathan & Frances -- just what I needed, another distraction!
j. trying to figure out what to do with all this Christmas wrapping paper (really, I didn't need anymore, I have plenty of my ever-fashionable green-and-yellow...)
k. continuing my efforts to exercise more, eat better, sleep enough, and, last but not least, pray "at all times"!

Happy New Year to all!


jonathan said...

So how do you convince Verizon to give you new, free headsets? Inquiring minds want to know. =]

Lidarose said...

I take them my old one -- I always go to the repairs window, I never try to do this with an ordinary sales rep -- and explain to them what is wrong with the headset. They take my phone and headset and test them both to make sure it isn't a phone issue and then they give me a new headset. I don't even have to ask for it. I just assume they are going to give me one (because they did it the last time) and they do it.
This time it took two trips to the Verizon store to get the new headset because it worked for them the first time I took it in, but right after I left the store it didn't acted up again. I was too tired Saturday to deal with it again, so I went back yesterday and they gave me a new headset right away. Works great!

Lidarose said...

I can't believe I can't recover and correct my own comments!?!
There's a "didn't" in that comment that doesn't belong there!

By the way, both times my headset broke what happened was that I could hear the caller but they couldn't hear me. (This seemed to happen without any trauma to the headset or visually obvious defect.) Now I think I've told you more than you wanted to know... :-)